Almonte Celtfest


Hadrian’s Wall will be playing at the Almonte festival Sunday July 12. Click here for more info Almonte Celtfest

12pm – 6pm

Gemmill Park Mainstage
12:00 Monday Night Fiddlers

12:45 Emily, Kyle and Anthony

1:15 Danny O’Connell Scholarship

1:30 Celtic Cross Dancers

2:30 Triple Trouble

3:30 Hadrian’s Wall

4:45 Raffle Draw Announcement (actual draw will take place at 4:00, Visitors Information)

5:00 The Dardanelles

The Parting Glass

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    1. 11 years… Stop, you’re aging us! We would love to play in Atlanta again. It’s been pretty busy the past few years with our young families. Maybe we can convince the Cheesecake Factory to hire us. If you have any ideas, let us know. Umm cheesecake…

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