Mid-Winter Scottish and Irish Festival 2014

IMG_0596Thanks to everyone who made the weekend a great success. We had a blast jamming with some old friends.

Here’s a video of No Longer Mine (Hector the hero) being played live.



Good music lasts forever

Hold Fast

Hold Fast

In August 2006, Ashley’s second CD Hold Fast stole the heart of Glengarry…and many others far and wide. Hold Fast is unmistakeably Ashley—fierce and flashing, majestic and mournful, exhibiting again a maturity and feeling beyond her years. Named after the motto of Clan MacLeod,Hold Fast is an unabashed statement of Ashley’s dedication to Scottish culture, and mastery of traditional Scottish music…with a touch of today. She has taken a firm grip on her heritage, andHold Fast proves she is not about to let go. With multi-talented musicians Bobby Lalonde, Troy MacGillivray and Rob Menzies weaving their magic,Hold Fast is a solid step into the ranks of the finest musical craftsmanship there is today.

The Glengarry Highland Games


Be part of history and join us in Maxville on Friday August 2nd and Saturday August 3rd for a special time at one of Ontario’s Top 100 Festivals and one of the largest celtic events in North America.

The Glengarry Highland Games will soon be upon us . This year, our friends The Elders will be taking the Tattoo stage on the Friday night, then Hadrian’s Wall will be joined by The Terra Mcgotcheez (reunion concert) in the beer tent.

Here’s a list of the other bands at the Glengarry Highland Games:

Hughie McDonell, Bang On The Ear, The 2 Paddys, Bob and Ducky, The Brigadoons, Brandy ‘N Port, Charlie Zahm, Fridge Full of Empties, Heritage Hands Ottawa Drum Club, & Celtic Flare

Drums, buttocks and dancing music


Here we are at the 2012 Glengarry Highland Games. The camera wasn’t wide enough to fit our 8 heads, let alone buttocks in the camera. We had fun that night!