The Glengarry Highland Games


Be part of history and join us in Maxville on Friday August 2nd and Saturday August 3rd for a special time at one of Ontario’s Top 100 Festivals and one of the largest celtic events in North America.

The Glengarry Highland Games will soon be upon us . This year, our friends The Elders will be taking the Tattoo stage on the Friday night, then Hadrian’s Wall will be joined by The Terra Mcgotcheez (reunion concert) in the beer tent.

Here’s a list of the other bands at the Glengarry Highland Games:

Hughie McDonell, Bang On The Ear, The 2 Paddys, Bob and Ducky, The Brigadoons, Brandy ‘N Port, Charlie Zahm, Fridge Full of Empties, Heritage Hands Ottawa Drum Club, & Celtic Flare

Summer/Fall 2013

_MG_9219-EditHere’s a list of some of the venues that we’re playing at this summer/fall:

June 1 – Defence Community Family Appreciation Day, Ottawa, ON

June 15 – The Cobourg Highland Games, Cobourg, ON

July 28 – The Galarama, St. Raphael’s, ON

August 2 – The Glengarry Highland Games, Maxville, ON (beer tent)

August 9 – The Williamstown Fair, Williamstown, ON

September 1 – The Canmore Highland Games, Canmore, AB