A Good Excuse To Wear A Suit: CD
  • A Good Excuse To Wear A Suit: CD
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A Good Excuse To Wear A Suit: CD

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Good excuse to wear a suit – In 2003, Hadrian’s Wall released their much anticipated album “A Good Excuse to wear a Suit”. This album was recorded over a six month period that started in December of 2002. It showcases the songwriting ability of Neil Emberg and Richard Irwin. Both Emberg and Irwin, who started the band have come a long way. Their ongoing struggle to keep things fresh and new is what keeps Hadrian’s Wall on their toes.

  1. The Professional Student (Irwin) 2. Come With Me (Emberg) 3. She Moved Through The Fair (Trad.) 4. A Good Excuse To Wear A Suit (Irwin) 5. The One (Emberg) 6. Waltz For Sidney (Irwin) 7. Step It Out Mary (Trad.) 8. Folks Say (Irwin) 9. I Useta Love Her
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